Kids with critters in hand

The Economic Value of Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (FYCCN)

by Joonghyun “Cheetos” Hwang

Website screenshotFYCCN is a newly developed program that is jointly sponsored by FWC and the Wildlife Foundation of Florida.  The program is designed to encourage Florida’s children to participate in traditional outdoor recreation by teaching them how to safely enjoy fish and wildlife activities and to educate them on the value of conservation to inspire the next generation to care about conservation.  The program is being implemented though partnerships with schools, communities, youth organizations, volunteers, land owners, and donors, and the success of the program heavily relies on the engagement of the partners.  FWC wishes to better understand the value of the program to address its importance and to guide its direction.

Since 2009, FWC has been asking hunting or fishing license buyers if they would willingly contribute money to support FYCCN as part of their purchases.  The license purchasers select the donation amount from five options, and the amount selected is added to the total license purchase fees.

The donation history is available from the Office of Licensing and Permitting, and it will allow me to estimate the mean willingness to donate for FYCCN.  I will then derive the aggregated economic value of the program to fishers and hunters in Florida from the mean value, and this economic information will provide FWC leadership a useful guidance for decision making.