FWC Digital Library 

by Tiana Kirby   

screen shot of search results

We’ve been busy in the FWRI Research Information Center! Thanks to a grant from the Fish & Wildlife Foundation and the William H. Flowers, Jr. Foundation, the RIC has procured a professional light stand-copy table. This is a tool for digitally preserving delicate bound manuscripts, and staff are already travelling to other libraries’ archives on preservation missions. Looking for technical reports and publications, research about a certain species, or a brochure about Bay Scallops? Need to find the latest Stock Assessment for Spanish mackerel? These are all questions not only we as researchers need to know but the public has an interest in as well. The FWC Digital Library (FWCDL) can help! The Research Information Center provides a web-based catalogue system designed to facilitate these inquiries. The FWCDL has been tailored to be a ‘One Stop Shop’ repository for documents (current and historical), video files, audio files, pictures, maps, brochures, grey literature, publications, application code, action plans… If we have produced it and it has value to our customer base, then the FWCDL is where it needs to go.

screen shot of digital library entrySearching capabilities range from a simple key word to more advanced options where users can specify specific formats (computer files, maps, visual materials, etc.), locations (FWRI Special Collections, journals, Fisheries Biology, etc.) and more (even multiple databases outside of FWC holdings). If you are interested in learning more about the FWCDL, please contact our Research Information Center staff for a review of our introductory webinar and for Digital Library training.