Modernizing the FWRI Network Infrastructure  

by René Baumstark

Behind the scenes at FWRI, our office of information technology staff are working hard to ensure that our networks are safe, efficient and leveraging the best available technology. Over the past years, our network servers have been migrated from physical machines to virtual machines. Virtual machines allow IT staff to dynamically adjust hardware resources to meet changing needs, creating a cost effective and efficient way to maximize the use of available resources. With a geographically dispersed framework of FWRI field stations and offices, our IT staff are constantly engaged with network hardware upgrades. Along with Network software and hardware upgrades, backup routines are constantly running behind the scenes to ensure that your network stored data is safe, no matter where you are. Our IT staff are here to ensure you have the network resources you need to do your jobs.

For assistance, contact any of our IT staff members: Frank Bucci, Justin Hooper, Larry Smith