Climate Adapting

by Beth Stys

Projected shifts in Florida’s climate will impact both natural and anthropogenic systems across the state, causing potentially negative and some positive consequences for terrestrial, freshwater and marine/coastal systems.

Managing the environment and protecting natural resources from climate change is at a critical juncture and is a need that will become more important with time.  The FWC has recently completed the “Guide to Climate Change Adaptation for Conservation” to provide resources to learn about modeled climate impacts to Florida, ecological consequences to species and habitats, vulnerability assessments and adaptation strategies.

The guide is designed to provide natural resource managers the tools for developing adaptation strategies and actions using robust science. The adaptation guide is designed as a resource for cover-pagedeveloping and implementing climate change adaptation strategies for the species, communities and managed lands of Florida. It is a toolkit designed to aid with the management of climate adaptation, rather than a handbook with step-by step instructions of specific actions. The document will be a living document with adaptation strategies being added as new strategies are developed.

For more information on FWC’s “Adapting to Climate Change” visit the Adaptation Guide.