Film Contracts Q&A

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission requires all film producers to sign a contractual agreement before FWC staff complete interviews on camera for a private production. Please use the following information as a guide for any filming agreement.

What circumstances require an FWC filming contract?
The agency requires a contract if a private, commercial entity is producing a non-news project in which FWC staff will be interviewed; some examples include documentaries (even if produced for a news network), TV series and student films. News stories for accredited news organizations would not require a contract. Working with another government agency or non-profit partner on a film project for their own use would not require a contract unless the piece will be used commercially and is produced by a commercial production company. Sometimes the nature of these requests is not immediately clear. When in doubt, contact your FWRI Communications staff or Community Relations Office to assist you.

How far in advance should a filming contract be in place?
It can often take several weeks (depending upon different factors like the complexity of the contract) for a contract to be finalized and in place. Please plan for a minimum of one month from the time the request comes in until the day of filming to finalize a contract.

Who should I contact if a production company requests to film me?First, contact Michelle Kerr in the FWRI communications office. She will work with Katie Purcell, the Assistant Director of the Community Relations Office, who is the lead contact for coordinating filming contracts statewide. Together, we will discuss the request with you and leadership to determine if it’s something we are interested in and able to accommodate. Additionally, Katie and Michelle will pull in staff from other divisions if needed.

How is a decision made to pursue a proposed filming project?
Factors considered are the production company’s past work, the message they intend to promote, what resources they need of the FWC, and their anticipated timeline. If the project is believed to be a good fit for the FWC, Katie will route a contract to be signed by both parties – the FWC and the production company.

Is the FWC involved in the editing or production?
Our contract stipulates that we have the right to review all footage prior to distribution. Katie and Michelle will work with the staff member(s) interviewed as well as any appropriate subject matter experts or leadership to review the footage for accuracy, tone, etc.