Public Information Requests

Public records are delineated in Chapter 119 in the Florida Statutes and FWC is mandated to comply with these requests. If you should get a request for records and the information is readily available and will not take longer than 30 minutes to complete you may provide these records to the person requesting them.  As long as these records do not contain information that needs to be redacted (proprietary, personal health information, social security numbers, etc.). If you are not sure if it contains information that needs to be redacted send it to Kelly Richmond and she can review it for you.

Kelly Richmond is your FWRI contact for public records requests. If a request is entered into our tracking system she is notified and will coordinate the request with you. However, many of you are contacted individually for data and information. We are required to acknowledge receipt of the request immediately but if it takes you longer than 30 minutes to complete the request then please let Kelly know and she can get everything entered into our tracking system. We are required to complete these requests in a reasonable time without unnecessary delay but different requests take varying times to complete.

Attached is the public records training PowerPoint. It will go over what is a public record and was it not a record. Please be sure to see the slide on what we are NOT required to do if we should receive a public records request.

Please email Kelly Richmond if you have any questions.