Filming in the Field

By Jessica Prakke

Here are our top FIVE tips to remember when filming in the field:

  1. Follow safety protocol. Wear your PFD while on a moving vessel. Wear close-toed shoes when in the lab, etc. One of the main reasons our office can’t use a video clip is if someone is not following these protocols while being filmed.

    This is an example of what not to do. The vessel is moving and no one is wearing their PFD. These staff members identities have been blurred under the communications protection program.
  2. Wear an FWC shirt. We want people to identify you with FWC and this is an easy way of doing that, especially when we are working with other organizations who are heavily branded.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask to start over. The beauty of filming is that anything can be edited. Sometimes when someone screws up they have a tendency to get in their head. Take a minute and a breath, and simply try again.

    All staff members wearing their FWC shirts during a manatee release, an event that can attract news outlets.
  4. Dress for the camera. Avoid wearing white because it reflects too much light. If possible, take off your sunglasses for an interview.Don’t wear any copyright or branded logos (ex. sports teams).
  5. Assume the camera is always rolling. This especially applies when news outlets are involved. As a representative of FWC you don’t want to be caught in your own words.