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FWRI Monthly Highlights for June 2018

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GRFS carry out a dockside survey.

Gulf Reef Fish Survey Improves Fisheries Management

Since April 2015, the Gulf Reef Fish Survey (GRFS), with the crucial support of recreational anglers of Florida, has provided timely and precise data to state and federal agencies that are responsible for managing reef fish. By signing up for the survey, anglers are eligible to receive a questionnaire about recent fishing activity. Each month, angler responses from the survey are used to estimate the number of recreational trips taken on the west coast of Florida to fish for Gulf reef fish species. By working collaboratively with NOAA Fisheries, the Gulf Reef Fish Survey produces data that is complimentary with the existing Marine Recreational Informational Program. We are only as strong as our weakest data set, and with the help of the recreational anglers of Florida, we have gathered more data than would have been possible with just the FWC. We thank our angling contributors for the success and continued success of the Gulf Reef Fish Survey.

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Learn about the FWC’s Charlotte Harbor Field Office, which hosts Fisheries-Independent Monitoring staff, manatee researchers and rescuers, as well as staff from the Fisheries-Dependent Monitoring program.

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