Agency News

MarineQuest 2018

This October 18-20th, FWRI opened our doors for the 24th annual MarineQuest. This award-winning event is an opportunity for the public and their families to learn about Florida’s fish and wildlife (and red tide), along with FWRI’s exciting research.

Students learn fish species identification at the Fisheries Dependent Monitoring Station during School Daze.

“School Daze” ran from October 18-19th and was exclusively for teachers and their students to understand and explore some of the extensive research that goes on at FWRI. October 20th was the main event, with our building and grounds open to the public. Visitors toured our main building, where staff was on-hand to discuss their research and answer questions. Select labs were open, and displays demonstrated some of the cutting-edge research going on at FWRI. On the grounds, hands-on displays included touch tanks showcasing Florida’s marine life, terrestrial animals like panthers, even archery.

Students learn about queen conch, spiny lobster, stone crab and horse conch from research biologists at the Florida Keys Fisheries Research station.

In addition to the lab displays and interactive stations, representatives from local and national conservation and science organizations were available to speak with the public and offer information. MarineQuest is an important event in helping the public understand the various programs and research FWC and FWRI are involved in, as some members of the public are unclear as to the reach and depth of our agency. Over all three days of MarineQuest 2018, we welcomed about 8,600 students, teachers and interested citizens to FWRI.