Communications Corner

FWRI Wins ACI Awards

This past August, we received word that FWC had won several awards from the Association of Conservation Information (ACI). The most popular and successful of the ACI programs is the annual awards contest, which “recognizes excellence and promotes craft improvement through competition.” These annual awards are held nationwide every¬† year. Professionals from the public and private sector evaluate all entries and offer written, constructive critiques.

FWRI’s Communications Department received first place for “MarineQuest Logo” in the Graphics: Advertising/Display category!

Other FWC winners include:

Third place for “Reel in and Recycle!” in the “One-time Publication: Brochure” category.

Third place for “Northern Bobwhite Quail Sightings Webpage” in the “Success on a Shoestring” category.

Second place for “FLOW: The Chipola River Story” in the “Video Long” category.

Third place for “FWRI Monthly Highlights” in the “External Newsletter” category.

Second place for “Big Leap Forward for Florida Panther Conservation” in the “Conservation Post of the Year” category.

First place for “” in the “Website” category.

First place for “Coyote-Pet Safety Infographic Poster” in the “Poster” category.