Agency News

April is Florida Volunteer Month

To help celebrate and spread awareness of the volunteer programs of FWRI, and FWC generally, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our divisions and offices who work with volunteers and interns. You make it possible for volunteers and interns to participate in all areas of the FWC’s operations. We celebrate you and all the skills, knowledge and time you spend to make volunteer and intern projects a value to the agency. Your willingness, commitment and success with volunteers and interns ensures they have a valuable experience, conservation gains are achieved, and leads to our volunteers and interns becoming long-term stewards for Florida’s natural resources. Over 5,000 volunteers, including interns, assist the FWC with more than 90 projects annually. Happy Florida Volunteer Month!

You can direct citizens curious about our volunteer opportunities and internships here, as well as the FWC Volunteers Facebook page.