Agency News

FWRI Headquarters to Host MarineQuest Open House in February

FWRI’s annual open house event, MarineQuest, will be held on February 16-18th, 2023, a departure from the usual October date. MarineQuest has not held an in-person event since 2019, due to storms and the COVID pandemic, so we are excited to be able to see everyone in person once again. MarineQuest features two separate events; School Daze, which is usually held on the first day, and is exclusively for students from local schools; and then the main public event, open to all, which is usually held on a Saturday. The St. Petersburg Science Festival plans to continue holding their event concurrently with ours. FWRI typically hosts 1200-1400 students for School Daze and roughly 10,000 people on Saturday at our headquarters here in St. Petersburg.

Additional information will be provided soon.