Freshwater Fisheries Research

The fish in Florida’s lakes and rivers are an important natural resource. Fishing in these locations is a significant contributor to tourism and the state’s economy. Biologists with the Freshwater Fisheries Research section collect and objectively analyze fish, fishery, invertebrate, and habitat data. The results are provided to internal and external resource managers to aid them in developing scientifically informed management strategies and policies. The information is also made available to the public through news releases, magazine articles, social media, and the web.

Current Article
Freshwater Fisheries MarineQuest Showcase

Archived Articles
July 2020
Range Extension of Spotted Bullhead in the Withlacoochee River South

April 2020
Assessing Temporal and Spatial Trends in Fish Assemblages Within Spring Runs of the St. John’s River Basin

January 2020
Understanding the Gravidity of the Situation: Developing a Calendar of Freshwater Mussel Reproduction 

October 2019
Problems Equal Opportunities

July 2019
Dorsal Spine Excision and Acute Survival of Largemouth Bass in Florida

April 2019
“Ghost Bass” Caught at Lake Apopka

January 2019
Summer Bass Tournament Live-Well Study

October 2018
Assessing the Effects of the East Lake Tohopekaliga Littoral Habitat Restoration on Shallow Water Fish Communities

July 2018
Bar Hopping: Searching for Imperiled Species in the Escambia River

April 2018
Apple Snails and Snail Kites