Marine Fisheries Research

The waters along Florida’s coastline attract millions of recreational anglers and thousands of commercial fishers. Marine Fisheries Research biologists study the fish and invertebrates found in the state’s saltwater environments, gathering data important for the management of these species. The section’s research includes collecting and analyzing fishing data, monitoring species status and abundance, investigating biological information, and breeding and rearing certain species to enhance or rebuild their populations.

Current article
Expansion of Estuarine Monitoring to the Florida Panhandle

Archived Articles
October 2017
Spartina by the Numbers
FIM Data and the Southeast Data, Assessment and Review Process

 July 2017
Florida Forage Fish Coalition
Hatchery Outreach and Education Program
Gonad Staging

 April 2017
Red Drum Broodstock and Biosecurity at SERF
Nekton Community Structure and Habitat Availability for
Dredge Holes within Tampa Bay
Ross Boucek and iTAG
Sheepshead Genetics

January 2017
Red Drum Broodstock Collection at SERF
Finfish Blood Sampling
Assessing a Northern Expansion of Common Snook into Cedar Key

October 2016
Fisheries Independent Monitoring Assessing Fisheries Utilization in Restored Habitats in Lake Worth Lagoon

 July 2016
Bob Glazer’s Climate Work Recognized
Recovery Act: Hardbottom Mapping and Community Characterization of the West Central Florida Gulf Coast
Hatchery Outreach: Aquaculture in the Classroom

April 2016
Expansion of Juvenile Snook Sampling in Tampa Bay, Charlotte Harbor and the Indian River Lagoon
Implementation of the Gulf Reef Fish Survey Improves Recreational Fisheries Statistics
R/V No Frills
Sex in the Sea and Gonadal Histology

January 2016
A “Plug” for Coastal Restoration
Migrations and Vibrations
Searching for Juvenile Red Snapper Along Florida’s Atlantic Coast

September 2015
Adapting to future stock enhancement hatchery models for spawning red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)
Fish feeding ecology (gut lab)
Testing mercury levels in Florida’s marine fishes