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FWRI Monthly Highlights from December 2017

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New Litter of Panther Kittens

A new litter of Florida panther kittens north of the Caloosahatchee River was documented on Nov. 22, when a female panther appeared on a trail camera with two, approximately 4-month-old kittens on the Babcock Ranch Preserve in southwest Florida.

This is only the second litter of panther kittens documented north of the River, which until 2016 seemed to be a barrier to expansion of the population. Panther kittens face an uphill battle when it comes to reaching their first birthday, with a survival rate of only 32%. 

This latest discovery offers renewed hope for the natural range expansion of panthers that is critical to their long-term recovery
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Scientists in the Sky
FWRI scientists collect data on boater activity and distribution in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary to better understand use patterns throughout the Sanctuary.

Juvenile Gulf Sturgeon Program
A study on juvenile Gulf Sturgeon in the Yellow River to understand the habitat use and abundance patterns of these rare fish.


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