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Staff Spotlight Archive

An archive of FWRI staff members previously featured in the Field Notes newsletter.

Article Archive

Ron Bielefeld (April 2022)
Gavin Hutchinson (January 2022)
Harry Norris (October 2021)
Hollis Ann (July 2021)
Cary Lopez (April 2021)
Theresa Warner (January 2021)
Cyrus Fire (October 2020)
Nadia Gordon (July 2020)
David Steen (April 2020)
Rae-Ann Hill (January 2020)
Eric Weather (October 2019)
Rachel Germeroth (July 2019)
Dillon Day (April 2019)
Célia Villac (January 2019)
Paul Larson (October 2018)
Ed Matheson (July 2018)
Women in Science (April 2018)
FWRI Purchasing Office (January 2018)
Catalina Brown
(October 2017)
Brad Walker (July 2017)
Charlie Gardner (April 2017)
Robin Grunwald (January 2017)
Justin Hill (October 2016)
Brandon Bassett (July 2016)
Staff Spotlight: Jonathan Mays (April 2016)
A talk with Erin Leone (January 2016)
A talk with Dr. Susan Lowerre-Barbieri (September 2015)